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Crazy, right?

The new year is bearing down upon us, which means it’s time to reflect on last year’s performance and start start thinking about the year ahead.

So, I revisited my 2016 goals below, and listed two new ones for 2017 (both of which you will have the chance to directly influence).

Check it out…

2016 goals (and results):

Goal #1: Reach 40,000 monthly visits by end of 2016
Result – Made it to 30,000 monthly visits.

Goal #2: Reach 20,000 email subscribers by end of 2016
Result – 17,067.

Goal #3: Reach $4,500 monthly blog revenue by end of 2016
Result- Surpassed that goal in October.

Note: I didn’t achieve two of the three goals, but there is a good reason for that. In the middle of the year I decided to pivot focus to growing my search marketing agency.

The result?

A 300% growth in revenue in the last 6 months.

While I will continue to focus on growing the agency this year, I also plan to double down on the blog in 2017.

Which brings me to…

My top 2 goals for 2017:

1. Launch “5-Minute Friday” video series

Each Friday I will email you a short video tutorial showing the tips, tools and tactics I have tested and used to grow the blog, achieve success for clients, and grow my agency.

The focus is not news/ trends. Just super actionable tips you can use right away to get more traffic and conversions.

2. Create and launch my first online course

This has been a personal goal of mine for the past two years, and in 2017 I determined to make it happen. More on this in a few weeks, but a quick heads up I’ll be involving you in the creation of the course 🙂
Setting (and sharing) goals is a great way to keep focused and stay accountable…

So, what are your major goals for 2017?